Eighth Day Farm collaboration photos

My goal is to increase and highlight collaboration among clients. When businesses collaborate, their story and brand is brought to much larger audiences and everyone wins.
To help promote Eighth Day Farm’s “Farm to Fork” dinner, I created images of the supporting businesses product at the Eighth Day Farm. The photos needed to quickly communicate the relationship and values of both parties.

Having these photos made it easy for the collaborators to also share Eighth Day’s story in their feeds.

Here is a sampling of some of the 50 images I made available from that shoot:

Starting out with Eighthday Farm

I have a little thing for farms. Especially farms that are responsible about how the earth is managed and give a damn about how this earth is left for the next generation. Eighth Day farm has chosen to do its farming in an otherwise neglected land of a defunct strip mall parking lot; a spectacular act of regeneration. Expect to see a sprinkling of images from them over the course of the summer.

Frances Jaye + Jonkers Garden

Spent a little time this morning working with Frances Jaye on location at Jonker’s Garden. Make sure you are following Frances Jaye on Instagram so you don’t miss the wonderful photos that will be posted.
I asked Kaley to grab her favorite plant for a photo. She is digging the echeveria lilacina, and you too could dig it for only $6.99 if you get your butt over to Jonker’s. If you are digging her look, get your butt over to Frances Jaye.

Recently, On Instagram

I had another affirming moment for my Subscription Photography methods this week. I stopped in for a drink/food with friends and noticed we all ordered a different drink. 5 minutes later I had enough photography to post throughout the week as well as plenty of time left in my clients subscription to work on some future projects.
Getting the best photo is often a matter if being in the right place at the right time, part of being embedded is to fully know what is going on, what to look for, and to get to the “right place” when the time comes.

This is what the right 5 minutes of time looks like: See them posted on Instagram.

A pop up pipe drain party

This project is knowingly in collaboration with Spring Sweet, and unknowingly with the Holland City road construction happening on Central Ave.

I leveraged a personal friends birthday party and the hot mess that road construction can be to create a photogenic and shareable party that highlighted the stylings of the Spring Sweet store.

Total time from idea to set up was 3 hours: a great example of what the Subscription plan can do in terms of creating better opportunities for good photography and shareable content.